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Keynote Speaker : Klaus Fuoss, Director Engine Development

Future Challenges for Small Engine Powertrains

6.11. – 8.11. 2018

Porsche Engineering Services, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany

Electrification is currently being introduced into automotive applications on a larger scale due to future emissions and fuel consumption regulations. The amount of electrification is discussed intensely and there are multiple powertrain concepts under development to deal with the worldwide challenges and demands of the major markets. So far no single concept was identified that would provide the best solution for future powertrains and therefore all major OEM’s are working with different concepts and different scale of powertrain electrification.

Cost, weight and power density are some of the most important characteristic measures of a powertrain concept and thus the level of electrification for small powertrains in non-automotive applications will follow a different roadmap compared to automotive applications.

This paper is trying to provide a view on the future development of small powertrains, also trying to identify the synergies between automotive and non-automotive applications.